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With the first App in South Africa designed for Hunting
Outfitters, you can do more and grow your business

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Log trophies

Easily record the details of
a trophy killed or wounded
with your phone even
when you are offline in the

Manage contacts

A simple way to keep track
of your Clients, Professional
Hunters, and Concessions

Insights and reports

Know where, when, who,
and with who the most
trophies are hunted to
grow your business

Step 1: Create a hunt

Give the hunt a name, ex. "The Gonzalez group"
then add Client/s and Professional Hunter/s.

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Step 2: Log a trophy

Use your mobile phone click on "Log Trophy," and
simply follow the easy steps.

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Step 3: View insights and reports

Use your mobile phone to see where, when, who,
and with who trophies were hunted.

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