Make hunting safari management
a breeze

With the first App in South Africa designed for Hunting Outfitters, you can do more and grow your business.

And on mobile too
Professional hunters use there phones to log trophies for FREE
Hunt Clicker is on desktop
Manage all on your PC

Easy to use and secure

All your data is stored safely in the cloud

One platform,all you need

We agonize over the details to ensure that our platform is professional, high-performing, and easy to use.

Ready to go
Add your Clients, Professional hunters, and Concessions, then start creating hunts.
When your Professional hunters start to log trophies, you will receive constant feedback with beautiful reports and all the tools you need to manage your business professionally.
Hunt Clicker is...
Easy to use
Modern and Clean
PH registers
Professional Hunters always procrastinate filling out registers. Now, you can generate their PH registers with a click.
It is hard to record when, where, and what animals your clients had hunted. With Hunt Clicker, you will have an easy-to-manage and organized system that will prevent you from overpaying concessions.
SCI and Rowland ward
Measure the Trophies and calculate SCI and Rowland ward scores. Also, determine if your client earned a PHASA medal without using a calculator.
Calendar icon
This Calendar is designed especially for Hunting Outfitters to prevent you from booking hunts over a full moon and double bookings.
Without having to spend time working thru heaps of papers and register books, you can measure the performance of your hunting business and learn what works and what doesn't.
Meat Sales
When selling meat, running between a cooler room and your office is not fun. With Hunt Clicker, you can quickly generate invoices and professional transport letters for customers buying from you.
In the chaos of the last day of a safari, calculating invoices should be easy, fast, and accurate. With Hunt Clicker, you can print invoices for clients with the click of a button.
take a look

See Hunt Clicker in action.

Hunt Clicker cuts the time and cost to manage an effective & growing hunting business

Don't believe us? Well, you can read what our happy Hunting Outfitters are saying then.

Hardus Steenkamp
Hardus Steenkamp

Everything is organized and in one place. Also, I am happy with how the team listens to our Hunting Outfitter needs and then simplifies it on their platform. Therefore, I can recommend Hunt Clicker to all Hunting Outfitters.

Andre Stewart
Andre Stewart

Hunt Clicker is revolutionary, My Professional hunters log the trophies, and I get real-time statistics. I am pleased.

Deon Strydom
Deon Strydom

I like how Hunt Clicker works, and it makes my life easier. Good system.

Johan Du Plessis
Johan Du Plessis

As a Professional hunter, I appreciate it when the Hunting Outfitter uses Hunt Clicker. It makes my work easier.

Burt Victor
Burt Victor

Hunt Clicker is excellent. I love how easy it is to report what my client had hunted for the day and then forget about it.

Hannes Van Rooien
Hannes van Rooien

Thank you, guys! Oh, just a side note, I like how you calculate the SCI score; that is fantastic.


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